Born in Poland, I first visited Leeds 15 years ago to see my sisters who were already living here. I liked it so much I never left. I have lived in north Leeds, for over 10 years now and feel extremely proud to be able to call it my home. Growing up I had always dreamt  of having a small plot of land to be able to grow my own flowers. Now that dream is starting to become a reality. My husband and I plan to find some land in the next few years but in the mean-time we use a combination of our small garden of flowers, private woodlands and local suppliers, to create my work. 

In 2008 I went to college to gain my Level 3 Floristry certificate whilst working in Anastasia’s floristry shop in Chapel Allerton (no longer around). I learnt a huge amount from working there. The highlight being part of the team who won a gold medal award at the Chelsea Flower Show. 

During the credit crunch, which hit florists pretty hard. I took some time out and went travelling to different land-based communities to learn more skills. I truly believe all of these experiences have given me my individual style that I now express through Wild Bloom Design.